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Portrait Daphne de Charrin

As a child I dreamed of becoming a singer and an actress. But I took a different path: a long scientific education followed by a thrilling career in a blue chip. However, this secret passion did not abandon me. It’s never too late…. Today, my stage experience enriches my professional practice.….      

‘I love the theatre: it is more real than life’, claimed Oscar Wilde: that says it all. The theatre is a remarkable school of life.

As an amateur actress, I like to write my sketches and perform them.

As for singing, it makes life more beautiful. My next challenge: opera singing.


–  Oratory Art & Co-Creation (Ecole de l’Art Oratoire, Paris)
  Theater Improvisation (Cours Florent, Paris)
–  Complete Vocal Technics (Cathrine Sadolin, CVT Institute, Denmark)
– 1st & 2nd Cycle of Music Education (Music Theory and Violin) at the Music Conservatory François Joseph Gossec, France